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Medical Ozone Therapy Unit MSLOT02

  • First registered domestic large-scale medical ozone therapy device;
  • Self-correction of ozone concentration under disturbed parameters of pressure and temperature – a must-have function of the third generation medical ozone therapy devices;
  • Automatic restoration of ozone catalytic reduction system at 60ºC constant temperature and 120ºC programmed heating;
  • Built-in ozone gas temperature and pressure sensor, gas leakage and overpressure protective valve for its safety and effectiveness;
  • Adoption of original German SIEMENS S7 series for the main control system;
  • The efficient and longevity ozone generator adopting advanced German titanium alloy substrate and ceramic plate dielectric surface discharge technology;
  • Model ZAMT-2203 UV LED light source Ozone Concentration Sensor has won national scientific and technological achievements appraisal for its national initiative technology;
  • 18 state patents acquired for each technology of the unit.

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Mains Input: AC220V 50Hz Input Oxygen Pressure: 100-150kPa
Power: ≤260vA Output Ozone Concentration: 5-80mg/L
Fuse: (2×)T2A 250V Display Error: ≤±3%(Maximum Concentration)
Operating Temperature: +5ºC-+40ºC History Records: 1000 items
Relative Humidity: 30~80%(No Condensation) Size(L*W*H): 620×525×1010mm
Input Oxygen Flow Range: 0.3-4L/Min Weight: 39kg


Clinical Application of Medical Ozone Technology

Intra Cervical and Lumbar Disc injection & Intra-articular to treat Cervical and Lumbar Disc Herniation and Osteoarticular diseases.

Ozone sauna and simultaneously nerve root blockage in lateral vertebra to treat herpes zoster, rash and post herpetic neuralgia.

Ozone infiltration injection on local pain spot totreat motor system soft tissue injury pain, Per arthritis of shoulder and arthritis, etc.

Ozone autologous blood transfusion with ozone Rectal Insufflation (MAH+RI) to treat acute / chronic viral hepatitis type B&C, drug hepatitis, hepatic protection for chemotherapy (NHL), chronic ulcerative colitis.

Ozone autologous blood transfusion to treat:

– Viral hepatitis type C, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as: coronary sclerosis, difficult brain blood-supply, apoplectic artery obstructive disease, etc.

– Peripheral vascular diseases such as: arterial obstructive diseases, thrombosis obliterans vasculitis, gout, diabetic limb ischemia, etc.

– Hyperlipidemia, strengthen the fat (cholesterol and triglyceride) decomposition, resistance to free radicals and prevent aging.

Ozone sauna to treat refractory skin ulcer and injury, such as diabetic foot, bedsore, burn ulcer surface, etc.

Dentistry and other applications: Periodontitis, decayed tooth disinfection, wound disinfection, etc.

Health care and hairdressing effect: After drinking the ozone water and taking the ozone water bath to lose weight, dispel fatigue, conduce to refection, remove age pigment, etc.

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