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Low-Speed Centrifuge MSLDC03

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A standard piece of equipment used for separation and preparation of liquids laden with suspended matter, this machine is suitable for applications in labs and research institutes in such fields as biochemistry, medical science, pharmacy, clinical trials, food and environment protection.

The design of the whole machine is in line with the ergonomics, with streamlining sculpt. With a complete steel structure and a stainless steel centrifuge cavity, it is safer, better looking and more efficient.

Microcomputer-controlled; with a TFT true-color LCD widescreen touch monitor / digital indicator

Driven by a variable-frequency brushless motor to achieve quiet and clean operation

Multiple layers of shock absorbers with the function of automatic balancing to achieve smooth operation.
Rotors and adapters can be tailor-made according to customers’ requirements.
Functions can be customized according to customer’s needs; man-machine interaction is direct and pragmatic.

Max speed (r/min):4000
Max RCF(×g):2600
Rotate speed precision:±30r/min
Time range:0-99h59min/continuous/temporal centrifugation
Power:AC220V 50Hz

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