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Infusion Pump MSLIS23

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Automatic infusion: According to the doctor’s advice, set the infusion volume and speed. The linear peristaltic pump which is microcomputer controlled will manage infusion pump to make automatic infusion according to the setting infusion speed.
KVO status: After finishing the the total volume of infusion, the pump will switch to KVO status automatically. (keep vein open status).
Audible and visual alarm: Five kinds of alarms including Occlusion alarm, Bubble alarm, Door Open alarm, Infusion Finished alarm and Under-voltage alarm. When infusion failed, audible and visual alarm will occur and remind the operators to dispose in time
Apply to variety liquids: It can be used to infuse colorless transparent liquid and high nutrient solutions and color opaque liquid.
Apply to infusion apparatus
Ordinary infusion apparatus: Normal PVC titration transparent or lucifuge infusion apparatus (pipe diameter is about 3.5mm) can be used. Please make sure the pipe diameter and pipe wall of infusion apparatus must have a certain elasticity coefficient. New infusion apparatus should take calibration of the infusion precision before the first use.
Specialized infusion apparatus: Specialized infusion apparatus has high elastic silicone tube. Please contact our company for purchasing.  Warning: The pump may be unable to maintain accuracy if use infusion apparatus which is not recommended.
AC/DC alternative: Built-in NI-MH rechargeable battery makes sure the device still can be used when the sudden power off. The machine automatically charges itself when the battery volume is low and stop when it’s fully charged, and the indication light switches off. Please make sure it’s fully charged around 7hours or it will shorten the lifespan of battery. Low voltage alarm will occur and indication light will flash when the battery mostly runs out in order to remind the operators to dispose in time.
Quick exhaust: Press the quick exhaust button twice and enter into quick exhaust status. The stop status is quick exhaust, and the exhausted liquid will not be counted into cumulative infusion rate. Start state is quick transfuse, discharged liquid will be counted into cumulative infusion rate. Loosen the button, the quick exhaust state will be stopped.
Infusion rate: It has Drop/min and ml/h two setting modes for users to choose. Note: Drop/min and ml/h is conversed from 20 Drops/ml, which is different from the actual drops.
Call interface: Reserve call interface to provide the centralized monitoring function for nurse station.
Technical parameters:  
Infusion flow rate
Specialized infusion apparatus: 0.1ml/h-1200ml/h;
Ordinary infusion apparatus: 0.1ml/h-600ml/h;
Infusion accuracy error
Specialized infusion apparatus:±5%(medium speed, 23℃, humidity: 60%);
Ordinary infusion apparatus:±10%(medium speed, 23℃, humidity: 60%).
Total infusion volume preset: 0.1-9999ml.
Occlusion sensitivity: It has three adjustable levels of occlusion pressure as high, medium and low.
Low speed (1ml/h): 250~500 seconds;
Medium speed (120ml/h): 7~14 seconds;
High speed(600ml/h): 0.2~1 seconds.
Above data is measured at the status of 25℃ ambient temperature, ordinary pressure, use
ordinary PVC(∮3)infusion apparatus and high sensitivity.
A C:220V±22V    50Hz±1Hz
A C: 220V±22V, 50Hz±1Hz;
D C:12V
D C: 12V (built-in battery).
Fuse: F0.75AL(socket back), T1A (switching power supply L.N).
Power consumption: 30VA.
Built-in battery work time:
Under the sufficient battery, medium speed flow rate, the battery can continuous work about
2 hours after power is switched off. Run time is related to flow rate. Within the battery normal life,
the run time should not be less than 2 hours. The battery could charge and discharge about 400 times.
working condition:
Environmental temperature:+5℃-+40℃;
Relative humidity: 20%-90%;
Product dimension and weight:185×115×196(mm), 3.8kg.
security classification:
The equipment is conform to IEC60601-1-2 standard and can resist a certain electromagnetic interference,
which is no electromagnetic interference to other devices. However, please keep the infusion pump away
from strong electromagnetic equipment, for example: radio knife, MRI.

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