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The good knotless Anchor; They should be able to detect sutures in the bones, should not come back from the bone, facilitate the surgical technique, should  not cause any problem  in the post-op period, be biocompatible and allow early rehabilitation.
ORTHOPROMED MRY Knotless Anchor It can be use for soft tissues. The implant is made from one piece of PEEK.


Arthroscopic reconstructive surgery poses many challanges for the surgeon. One of these is the tying of arthroscopic knots. To achieve reliable, reproducible knots every time requires a lot of practice and skill. Some surgeons prefer knotless devices for many reasons.

Knots are extremely strong and reliable. Well tied knots are strong enough to withstand tendon and bone forces. Arthroscopic knots are the same as those used by climbers and sailors, so knot security is not a concern in the experts hands. Knots are versatile and can be used in any suture repair situation, such as margin convergence for cuff repair or with suture anchors.

Possible disadvantages of knots are a theroretical risk of tissue irritation, potential postoperative joint clicking from large knots and surgeons knot-tying skill. For consistent knot-tying a surgeon must be well practiced in tying knots on models before doing so on patients.

Knotless anchors have the advantage of avoiding the problems above and potentially reducing surgical time as well.

Orthosyn MRY knotless anchors designed for use during arthroscopic and  mini open surgery and reconstruction procedures.

sizes: 3.5mm PEEK+PEEK – 4.5mm PEEK+TI

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