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Neonatal Jaundice Tester MSLHD03

Jaundice is a common phenomenon in neonatal period, it is observed that over 90% newborn babies have jaundice in different degree. It can be a physiological phenomenon ( called physiological jaundice) in neonatal period, or it can be an important symptom of many diseases in neonatal period (called pathological jaundice). This pathological jaundice can cause bilirubin brain illness (called kernicterus), it can cause brain damage of newborn baby, and results in early death and serious sequela, so we must take immediate and efficient measures to treat neonatal pathological jaundice.

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The effect of phototherapy treatment for neonatal high bilirubin blood illness has been approved by clinic, its principle is that bilirubin can absorb rays to have actinic isomerization, it makes the indirect bilirubin oxidize into one water-soluble product under the bluish green light (light-oxidation bilirubin ).It fades yellow according to liver and gallbladder discharging out of body. The medical field recognizes that using phototherapy to treat neonatal pathological jaundice is a simple and effective method. Neonatal phototherapy unit are also called “infant phototherapy device” or “blue light lamp”. It is necessary medical equipment of neonatal medical department.


Double side  phototherapy  for more effective  radiation:  Upside phototherapy   and downside phototherapy  can be used  separately
Three levels  to adjust the  irradiation:  Low, Medium, High
LCD screen  of upside phototherapy  unit  displays therapy  time with  timer and countdown
Downside  phototherapy  unit adopts blue  LED bulbs source  and independent  air cooling  fan
Upside phototherapy  unit  adopts big  blue LED bulbs,  uniform, efficient  and long life
Protect boards  of infant  bed could be folded  down for clinical  use
Light head  of upside phototherapy  unit  can be adjusted  360° horizontally  and 180°vertically
Stand column  could be adjusted  ±360°
Anti-rusty  aluminum  alloy base
High irradiation,  easy  to operation  and move
With drawers  and lockable  castors
The height  of upside phototherapy  is adjustable
Automatically  record  total used therapy  time
neonatal jaundice
jaundice in newborns
bilirubin levels in newborns
Jaundice Tester
Power supply:
AC 100~240V±22V  ,50/60Hz±1Hz
Power input:
Blue light  wavelength:
Life time  of LED bulbs:
≥20000 hours
Height of upside  phototherapy  adjustable  range:  1300mm~1600mm
( From light  head to floor)
Downside  Phototherapy  Unit:
Highest  total irradiance  for bilirubin  on effective  area : 1500μW/cm²

Infant Phototherapy Unit | Phototherapy for Jaundice MSLHD03

Standard configuration

Main  body (Including   the LED  radiant  source, Control  system, Upside    Phototherapy ,Down Blue LED  bulbs side  Phototherapy , Infant  bed,  Bracket), Mattress, Transparent     foldable  protector, Castors, Two   drawers.


Each unit  is packed one case


Ambient  temperature:  +18℃~+30℃

Relative  humidity: 10%~85%

N.W.:40kg    G.W.:65kg

Working environment:

Environment  Temperature:-10 ℃~ +55℃

Environment  Relative  Humidity: ≤95%

Atmospheric  Pressure:  500~1060hPa

Atmospheric  pressure:  700hpa~1060hpa


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