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Probes Convex array probe 2.5MHz/3.0MHz/3.5MHz/4.0MHz/H4.0MHz/H5.0MHz,
Linear array probe 6.0MHz/7.5MHz/8.5MHz/10.0MHz/H10.0MHz,
Trans-vaginal probe 4.5MHz/6.0MHz/7.0MHz/9.0MHz/H8.0MHz,
Phased array probe 2.5MHz/3.0MHz/3.5MHz/4.0MHz/H3.0MHz/H4.0MHz,
Micro convex probe 4.5MHz/6.0MHz/7.0MHz/9.0MHz/H8.0MHz
4D Volume probe 2.0MHz/3.0MHz/4.5MHz/6.0MHz/H5.0MHz,
Two-dimensional imaging mode Gain 0-100, step 1 visible adjustable
TGC 8 segment adjustable
Image optimization visible and adjustable over 7 levels
Dynamic range 20-280dB 20 level visual adjustable
False color 12, visible and adjustable
Smooth treatment 8, visible and adjustable
Edge enhancement 8, visible and adjustable
Sound power 5% to 100%, step 5%, visible and adjustable
Display depth greater than 317mm, less than 20mm, cardiac probe 371mm
Maximum focus number 6 focal points, which can be moved throughout the whole process.
Scan line density more than 256 visible tunable
Gray scale 0-7 level visible visible and adjustable
Filtering 5 kinds
Scanning range 50%-100%
Frame correlation 0-4 level, visible and adjustable
Color imaging mode


Color frequency  8 frequency conversion, visible adjustable
Color deflection  equipped with
Color frame correlation 12 levels, visible and adjustable
Color map  7, visible and adjustable
Color reversal  adjustable
B/C split screen synchronous display function  equipped with
Color baseline  7, visible and adjustable
Color line density  adjustable
Spectrum Doppler mode


Sampling volume angle correction  -80 degree to 80 degree adjustable
Sample volume  0.5mm-20mm visually adjustable
Frequency  ≥5, visible and adjustable
Baseline  8 adjustable
Smooth  8 files can be adjusted
Display layout  4 visible tunable
False color  7 kinds of adjustable
Speed scale  3-2288cm/s visibility adjustable
Spectrum envelope function  real time automatic spectrum envelope, manual spectrum envelope, and other modes. The system automatically analyses and displays various data such as PSV, EDV, RI, PI, S/D, ACC, HR and so on.
Measurement and analysis function l General measurement distance, area, angle, time, slope, heart rate, velocity, acceleration, neck hyaline layer, spectrum tracing, resistance index / pulsatility index, etc.

l Obstetric measurement: weight measurement formula more than 8 options

l The color and line type of the measuring line can be adjusted at will (including activating the color and completing the color).

l The measurement results show that the location and font size can be adjusted according to needs.

l Professional software package: abdomen, volume, ratio, obstetrics and Gynecology, small organs, carotid artery, Urology, orthopedics, peripheral blood vessels, heart.

Graphic and text management system l Host built in ≥128G solid state hard disk to start fast and stable

l Movie playback: 1200 frames

l Internal file information management system: can record patient number, name, check number, check date and so on, and can be searched and managed by numbering, checking number, name and so on.

l The type of report is 16

l One key fast report graphic and text management

Interface USB interface  6
VGA interface  1
RJ-45 interface  1
VIDEO interface  1
Grounding wire interface  1


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