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Hematology Analyzer BCC-3600

  • BCC-3600 is a three-part differential hematology analyzer offering accurate and reliable results through classical test method.
  • 21 report parameters and 3 histograms.
  • Throughput: 60 samples/hour
  • Whole blood, pre-diluted blood
  • Environmental friendly cyanide-free reagents
  • Up to 14 alarm information of para-morphia cell
  • Large color LED displayer with high resolution
  • Up to 10,000 sample storage capacity

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Hematology Analyzer BCC-3600:

Accurate & Reliable Results:
1.21 parameters and RBC,WBC,PLT histograms.
2.Utilize digital filtering, blood cell-overlap calibration,fitting curve, floating threshold technology enhance the accuracy and reliability of results.
3.High quality syringe pump with high quantitative precision.

Easy Maintenance:
1.Zap and backflush cleaning system to prevent apertures blocking
2.Special boot program to rinse pipelines and probe automatically.
3.Only 3 reagents involving test

Large Storage:
15,000 results with 3 histograms to satisfy customers’requirements

User Friendly Design:
1.Cyanide-free hemolytic reagent for HGB detection,safety and environment pollution free
2.Electric hydraulic separation structure design
3.Automatic reagents remaining detection
4.USB and RS232 interfaces, easy for backup
5.Multiple languages
6.LIS connection

Easy Operation:
1.Large color LCD with high resolution.
2.Automatic sampling,mixing and analyzing.
3.Equipped with barcode reader.
4.Abundant prompt information
5.Abnormalvalue flag and reference ranges modified as the local requirements
6.Automatic dormancy setting

Technical Specification:

Principles:WBC,RBC,PLT: electrical impedance
HGB: cyanide-free colorimetry
Aperture Diameter:’WBC 100 um,RBC/PLT 70um
Sample Consumption:Whole blood 6uL,
Pre-diluted blood 20uL
Throughput:60 samples/hour
Display:10.1 inch touch screen,Resolution:1024×600
Reagent: Detergent.Diluents.BCC-3600 Lyse
Calibration: Manual calibration,automatic calibration,fresh blood calibration
Counting Mode:’Whole blood and pre-diluted blood
Input/ Output:Build in thermal printer,RS232,USB
Environment Requirement:Ambient temperature 18C~30℃,
Relative humidity75%
Power supply:100~240 VAC 50/60Hz
Dimension (mm):430(L)×395(W)×432(H)
Weight:25 Kg

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