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Optical Method Automatic Coagulation Analyzer MSLFBA05

Full-automatic blood coagulation analyzer perform tests by coagulation and immunoturbidimetric method, mainly used in emergency test of medium to high-end customers, also better meets the demand for automatic test of small customers. The instrument has obtained national invention patentand the European Union CE certification, exported to Italy, India, Brazil and other countries, with unique leading advantage of performance to price ratio among similar products at home and abroad.





Test Method: optical method, magnetic beads method
Test Item: APTT, TT, PT, FIB and blood coagulation factors, coagulation-related special items e.g. D-dimer and FDP, AT3,PS, PC
Test Speed: 260Ts/h
Sample Site: 48
Reagent Site:55
Pre-heating Site:20
Probe: 2
Washing Site: 2
Sheathed Manipulator: 1
Automatic and manual dual-mode test capability
Insufficient cuvette and reagent alarm function
Tilt reagent position(extend the use time of reagent to avoid waste and ensure the accuracy of the test results)
Reagent position with refrigeration function
Sampling probe with liquid surface induction and constant heating function
Display coagulation curve of dynamic test
PT-derived FIB function
Automatic or manual calibration function
LED work lighting function
Batch test and emergency priority insertion test function
Abnormal test results alarm and automatic retest function
Insufficient test results alarm and waste liquid overflow alarm function
Bar code recognition function(optional)
Sheathed manipulator definitely avoids the risk of cuvette to be fallen off in the transposition process through gripping
Four directions ventilation and cooling function, makes it reliable operation
Infinite storage for test and quality control data
Cuvette loading capacity: 1000 cups
Any sample position has the function of emergency priority inserting
Drawer-style loading system
Immediate scanning transmission, then enter patient information soon
Waste container, reduces pollution

Test Speed:(Ts/h)260
Sheathed Manipulators1
Test Method: Coagulation(magnetic beads, optical), Immunoturbidimetry, chromogenic substrate
Test Items: PT, APTT, FIB, TT, Factors, D–dimer, FDP, ATIII
Test Channels  : 10
Sample Position    :48
Pre-heating Channels:20
Till Reagents (Refrigeration) :55
Sampling Arm:2
Washing Position:2
Cuvettes Loading System    :drawer style
Reagent Loading System    :drawer style
Sample Loading System    drawer style
Cuvettes Loading:1000
Manipulator Auto Positioning: yes
Integrated Sampling Pump System :yes
Inner Card Reading Function: yes
Bar Code Recognition Function: yes
LED Lighting: yes
Four Direction Cooling: yes
Insufficient Alarm for Cuvettes, Reagents, Detergent: yes
LIS System: yes

                                                                          Full-auto Coagulation Analyzer
Model No.
Test Speed(Ts/h)
Sheathed Manipulators
Test Method
Coagulation(magnetic beads, optical), Immunoturbidimetry,chromogenic substrate
Test Items
Test Channels
Sample Position
Pre-heating Channels
Till Reagents(Refrigeration)
Sampling Arm
Washing Position
uvettes Loading System
drawer style
Reagent Loading System
drawer style
Sample Loading System
drawer style
Cuvettes Loading
Manipulator Auto Positioning
Integrated Sampling Pump System
Inner Card Reading Function
Bar Code Recognition Function
LED Lighting
Four Direction Cooling
Insufficient Alarm for Cuvettes, Reagents, Detergent
LIS System

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