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Large Capacity Refrigerated Centrifuge MSLHC09

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Compact refrigerated floor standing centrifuge is specially designed for universal use in blood banks, clinical laboratories, serology investigations, molecular biology, serum separation, pharmaceutical applications, where repeatability, precision and reliability of speed, time, temperature, acceleration and deceleration are significant factors in obtaining perfect separation of distinct blood fractions.

*Large color touch screen display, both shows the set parameters and operation parameters.
*All stainless steel internal and external structure, corrosion resistance and durable.
*Use the imported compressor from TAIKANG, FRENCH, with the accurate temperature control system.
*Max capacity:6×2400ml or processing 18 bags of 400ml whole blood at one time.
*An easy-going operator interface with a standard English operating software, user can operate freely.
*With 35 operational programs can be designed, saved and used. Users can set 9 programs for daily operation use
*With the self-diagnostic system and protection for imbalance, over-speed and over-temperature. Both
automatic electronic lock and mechanical lock to ensure safety.
*Acc/Dec 10 rates from 0~9 grade; Display speed of rise and fall curve, integral curve and temperature curve.
*Equipped with standard interface can connect computer to operate centrifuge, and composition local computer management system.
*Widely used in the field of blood station, pharmaceutical factory, biochemistry, biological products and so on.Model:MSLHC09
Max RCF:15200xg
Speed Accuracy:±20r/min
ac/dc Rate:0-9(Grade),9
Motor Power:3KW
Weight(Without Rotor):500kg
Max Speed:8000r/min
Max Capacity:6×2400ml,
Timer Range:0-99h 59 min
control & drive: microprocessor control/direct drive
Program Store:35
Refrigerator Power:2.5KW
Power Supply:AC220V/110V:50Hz 35A
Refrigeration System: Imported High-performance Compressor CFC-free Refrigeration System
No.1 Swing rotor: Max Speed:4000r/min, Max Capacity:2×6×1000ml,Max RCF:5800xg
No.2 Swing rotor: Max Speed:4200r/min, Max Capacity:6×2400ml,Max RCF:5900xg
No.3 Swing rotor: Max Speed:4000r/min, Max Capacity:24×200ml,12×4-500ml blood bag, Max RCF:5900xg
No.4 Angle rotor: Max Speed:8000r/min, Max Capacity:6×1000ml,Max RCF:15200xg

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