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Infusion Pump MSLIS12

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4.3” color segment LCD screen, backlight display, can be used in various lighting conditions
Simultaneous display: Time, Battery indication, Injection state, Mode, Speed, Injection volume and time,
Syringe size, Alarm sound, Block, Accuracy, Body weight, Drug dose and liquid amount Speed, time, volume and drug amount can be adjusted via remote control, easier operation, save time of doctor and nurse
Advanced technology, based on Linux system, more safe and steady
Multi injection modes: Volume/Time/Body weight mode
Visible and audible alarms cover all abnormal conditions
Injection Rate Range
50ml syringe : 0.1~999.9ml/h (step :0.1ml/h)
1000~1800ml/h (step : 1ml/h)
30ml syringe :0.1~900ml/h (step :0.1ml/h)
20ml syringe :0.1~600ml/h (step :0.1ml/h)
10ml syringe :0.1~300ml/h (step :0.1ml/h)
5 ml syringe :0.1~150ml/h (step :0.1ml/h)
Purge Rate
50ml syringe: 1800ml/h (Bolus rate: 1200ml/h)
30ml syringe: 900ml/h (Bolus rate: 600ml/h)
20ml syringe: 600ml/h (Bolus rate: 400ml/h)
10ml syringe: 300ml/h (Bolus rate: 200ml/h)
5 ml syringe: 150ml/h (Bolus rate: 100ml/h)
Mechanical Precision
Preset Volume Range
Occlusion Alarm Threshold
High: 800mmHg ± 200mmHg (106.7 kPa ± 26.7kPa)
Medium: 500mmHg ± 100mmHg (66.7 kPa ± 13.3kPa)
Lower: 300mmHg ± 100mmHg (40.7 kPa ± 13.3kPa)
KVO Rate
0.1~5ml/h (step: 0.1 ml/h)
2 pcs (installed inside pump)
Power Supply
100~220V,50Hz, Built in Rechargeable Li-ion battery,
11.1V,Capacity ≥2000mAh;After charging 10 hours, it
can work at 5ml/h (GB 9706.27-2005 medium rate) for 4
Environment Requirement:
a) Ambient temperature: +5℃~+40℃
b) Relative humidity: 20%~ 90%
c) Atmosphere Pressure: 86.0~106.0 (kPa)
Transportation & Storage:
a) Ambient temperature: -30℃~+55℃
b) Relative humidity: ≤95%
c) Atmosphere Pressure: 50.1~106.0 (kPa)
Near, Injection nished, Preset dose injection nished,
Occlusion, Syringe off, Syringe dislocated, Low
battery, AC power off
Safe Class
Class I Type BF
Size: 282mm(L)×210mm(W)×148mm(H)
Weight: 2.2Kg

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