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Full Digital Electric Syringe Infusion Pump MSLIS13

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4.3” color TFT LCD screen (LED backlight), with resolution 272×480
Three working modes: Rate/Time/Volume mode
Drug library with 210 kinds of medicine
Storage 1500 history records
Heating function, suitable for infusing in winter or there is requirement for the fluid medication temperature
Support multi language display
A variety of visible and audible alarm, make infusion more safe
Drug library, History recorder, Heating function, Drop sensor
SpO 2 , NIBP
Infusion rate range
Adjustable drops rate range: 1 /min~400 drops/min
(step: 1 drop /min)
Adjustable ow rate range: 1ml/h~1200ml/h
(step 0.1ml/h)
Purge rate: 800ml/h
KVO rate: 1ml/h (1~300ml/h)
3ml/h (greater than 300ml/h)
Volume range: 1ml~9999.9ml (step: 0.1 ml)
Maximum accumulated volume: 9999.9ml (step: 0.1 ml)
Time range: 1min~9999min (step: 1 min)
Infusion accuracy:
Within ±3% (using calibrated high quality IV set)
Mechanical precision: within ±2%
Occlusion alarm threshold:
High: 800mmHg ± 200mmHg (106.7 kPa ± 26.7kPa)
Medium: 500mmHg ± 100mmHg (66.7 kPa ± 13.3kPa)
Lower: 300mmHg ± 100mmHg (40.7 kPa ± 13.3kPa)
Alarm: Infusion complete, Empty, Faulty signal, Misoperation, Occlusion, Door open, Air Bubble, Low battery, Setting error, AC power off, Idle
Average deviation: ≤ ±5mmHg
Standard deviation: ≤ 8mmHg
SYS: 40mmHg~280mmHg
MEAN: 20mmHg~240mmHg
DIA: 10mmHg~220mmHg
SYS: 40mmHg~220mmHg
MEAN: 20mmHg~170mmHg
DIA: 10mmHg~160mmHg
SYS: 40mmHg~135mmHg
MEAN: 20mmHg~110mmHg
DIA: 10mmHg~100mmHg
Static pressure
Range: 0mmHg~300mmHg
Deviation: 3mmHg
Resolution: 1mmHg
NIBP measurement mode
Cycle (automatic):
Optional interval: 1min, 2min, 3min,4min, 5min, 10min,15min, 30min, 60min, 90min
Fast: continuous NIBP measurement, interval is 5min
NIBP alarm
High pressure alarm: >90mmHg-160mmHg
Low pressure alarm: <50mmHg-90mmHg
Accuracy: ±5%
Overpressure protection
Adult: 280 mmHg ±10 mmHg
Pediatric: 237 mmHg ±3 mmHg
Neonate: 147 mmHg ±3 mmHg
Range: 0%~100%
Resolution: 1%
Accuracy: 70% to 100%, precision is 2%
0% to 69%, undefined
SpO2 alarm
Upper limit: 100%
Lower limit: 90%
Alarm value accuracy: 3%
Alarm time accuracy: 2s
Pulse rate
Range: 20bpm~300bpm
Resolution: 1bpm
Accuracy: 3bpm
Pulse rate alarm
Upper limit: 120bpm
Lower limit: 50bpm (default)
Alarm value accuracy: 5%
Alarm time accuracy: 2s
NIBP Cuff requirement
Human body contact materials: Waterproof cloth
Arm circumference: 25~35cm
Bladder size: 13.1cm×23.5cm
SpO2 sensor
Type: Finger clip type
Wire length: 3000mm, allowed deviation ±5%
Human body contact materials: Silicone
Size: 188 mm(L)×198 mm(W)×228 mm(H)
Net weight: 2.5kg

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