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Biological Tissue Semi Automatic Microtome Machine MSLK229

The Semi-automatic Cryostat Microtome, is used for rapid freezing of pathological sections of human and animal body tissue. It can be widely used for pathological diagnosis, analysis and research in hospitals, medical colleges, and by legal medical experts and propagation institutes.
The cryostat microtome is the eighth generation of our cryostat. It utilizes advanced horizontal feeding, The specimen chamber area is much larger than previous models.
The instrument consists of 4 major parts:
1.1 The computer control panel is on the upper part. This area displays the temperature and the general working conditions of the instrument.
1.2 The center part is the constant low temperature chamber used to rapidly freeze the tissue and to conduct the cutting.
1.3 Behind the chamber is the mechanical transmission and motor drive.
1.4 The lower part is the compressor unit, cooling condenser and evaporator.
Application: To get pathological sections of plant, animal or human tissues to study the histology.
Only use within the scope of this specification prescribed.

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Electrical :
Security type: l category ,B type
Voltage frequency :AC 220V , 50Hz (±10% ) Or AC 110V , 60Hz (±10% )
Input power :650 VA
Refrigerating :
(1) Freezing chamber
The range of temperature setting : ﹣35 ℃ to ﹣10 ℃
Defrost : Manual / Auto
Refrigerating capacity : 690 W
Refrigerate :R404a ,300 g±5g
Quick -freezing shelf
Minimum temperature :﹣45 ℃
Number of specimen holder freezing points : 20
Number of semi-conductor freezing points : (switchable) 2
Microtome mechanical
Setting range of section thickness :0 um – 100 um
Setting value range Move step
0 um – 10 um 1 um
10 um – 20 um 2 um
20 um – 50 um 5 um
50 um – 100 um 10 um
Specimen’s horizontal stroke :25 mm
Specimen’s vertical stroke :60 mm
Specimen’s max size : 55 mm X 55 mm
Specimen clamp ‘s max adjustable angle : 12 °
Specimen fast moving speed : 0.7 mm/s
W x T X H : 780 mm(650 without handwheel ) x 700 mm x 1152 mm
Net weight : 145 KGS

Standard Setting List
1. Specimen Disc 10 pcs
2. Fuse (2A) 2 pcs
Fuse ( 15A ) 2 pcs
3. Appliance Stand 1 pcs
4. Power line 1 line
5. Hexagonal Wrench 1 set
6.Brush 1 pc
7.Handle 1 pc

Out Package Info:
Dimensions: 785×785×1336mm,
Weight: 180kg


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